Welcome to MENET

MeritChoice Entrepreneuers’ Network (MENET) is a network with a vision to develop the entrepreneurial potential of its members by creating platforms that facilitates business interaction, networking and financial growth among members.

This is the only network in Nigeria that helps new entrepreneurs to grow fast and assist existing one to flourish in a harsh business environment like ours. The entrepreneurs are organized to pool their resources together both intellectually and financially to achieve their business goals both individually and as a group.
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Platforms on MENET

There are several helpful platforms in the membership area of MENET online portal that are referred to as forums where members can interact, network and do business together.

These forums ensure that you are not alone in running your business. You can interact with others and start on a good spring board with experienced people in your industry. Here are some of the platforms and forums


The challenge, oftentimes, for most Small and Medium Enterprises is fund. Most entrepreneurs complain of business start-up or expansion capitals. But with the co-operative platform that we have created, the major problem has been resolved.
The co-operative is established to assist members financially. Any member of the MENET can join the co-operative. This will help members to save, invest, get loan for personal projects and also be able to own share in the co-operative and benefit from surplus generated by the co-operative.
The co-operative will also assist members to approach government and NGOs for loan and grants that can help individuals and collective businesses.
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Internet Marketing
This forum provides quality internet marketing training to its members. It also provides resales right products that members can market online and pocket the 100% of the profit make from such products.
If you are looking for opportunity to make money online and at the comfort of your home or anywhere you find yourself, this is a forum to belong to. With internet marketing, you may not need to stock any physical product as your business is mostly digital products and services while you incur little to zero cost in carrying out your business.
Meet with like-minded netpreneurs, learn new online business idea, grow your business and live the type of life you desire.
This is a forum that is designed for those that want to go into agricultural business whether crop production or animal husbandry. It provides the opportunity for those that want to invest in agriculture, become farm managers or dive fully into farm production.
The forum also caters for off takers and people that want to create value chain from agricultural products. Ideas about crop and animal production to work on and other related issues for the progress of the group are discussed with full implementation plan.
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Car Importation
Car importation forum is for those that want to get their own personal cars and also want to be involved in selling of cars and vehicle for profit making. Being a member of this group will guaranteed that you have your own car within short period of time.
The creative plan adopted by the forum makes it easy and possible for members to get cars and also make money while doing that. It is a sure way for those that want to make profit from selling cars. You will definitely be intrigued about the car business plan on this forum.
General Importation
The forum imports profitable products to sell in Nigeria. Any product with good profit margin that is legally permitted can be imported at this forum excluding cars and vehicles. What should be imported is discussed at the forum and the conclusion will be carried out by the group. Individuals will be able to personally sell his or her products while members may assist one another in marketing.
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This is a practical forum for people that want to start exportation business. There may be joint effort in getting products to export to other countries. Relevant information will also be freely shared among the forum members. Individual may decide to export products and it can be done by the entire members of the forum while selected numbers of the forum may also decide to export a particular product.
This is a forum for anyone that is highly interested in multi-million naira exportation business.
Real Estate
This forum gives opportunity for those that want to get their own lands and become landlords. It also provides opportunity for those that want to invest in Real Estate. Real Estate is one of the few business sectors that are highly viable anywhere in the world.
Land is always appreciating and that is why it is a good idea for you to invest your money in real estate. You will get the best guide to own properties and invest wisely on this forum.
Travel is one of the best ways to be educated and at the same time catch fun while doing that. Travel is a big industry in the world. As the saying goes, “work without play makes Jack a dull boy”, once a while, you need to get away, enjoy yourself and see the other sides of the world. A lot of entrepreneurs often don’t have time for this because they are “too busy”. Some people also think that going on vacation is expensive. But as a member of this forum, you will be able to have enough time to plan your traveling and vacation with other members with affordable budget.