MeritChoice Entrepreneurs’ Network (MENET), an initiative of MeritChoice Limited, is a network that is passionate about helping its members to realize, develop and release their maximum entrepreneurial potentials through motivation, provision of useful information and creation of platforms that guarantee their successes.


Our plan is not only to see members achieve their individual goals, but also to inspire them to take success beyond limit by helping them to develop mindsets that empower them to break the jinx of average lifestyle which is paramount in our environment.

Our Vision

To develop the entrepreneurial potentials of the network members by creating platforms and opportunities that permit interaction, networking and financial growth among members

Our Mission

To spur members to take actions towards reaching the greatest height of their entrepreneurial potentials as well as fulfilling their lifetime goals

Our target audiences are

  1. Undergraduate
  2. Graduates
  3. Aspiring entrepreneurs
  4. Entrepreneurs
  5. Business men and women
  6. Income and business opportunities seekers



  1. To introduce and show viable business and income opportunities to members of the Network.
  2. To teach entrepreneurial principles and financial intelligence to members.
  3. To create business, financial structure and programmes that can facilitate the growth of individual members.
  4. To provide platforms that can breed emergence of great business leaders
  5. To create business and social networking opportunities for members.
  6. To promote joint activities like community development, joint ventures, study group, etc.
  7. To support and legally protect the interest of the network members in business matters.
  8. To encourage and maintain integrity, honesty and sincerity in business and personal conduct of the network members.



To become a member of MENET, an interested individual needs to pay a yearly subscription fee of N5,000.00 (Five thousand naira). This will enable the person to be part of our membership site, and also become part of network units and cells all around the world.

The person will have opportunity to interact with others, improve his business skill and collaborate with other on different business projects. Members will also have

There is a membership card that is also issued for members. This will help members to identify themselves at events, marketplaces or anywhere and be ready to help one another.

This will also help our organization to give special consideration and discount for card carrying members for our seminars and events.

Registration is to be done through online form or paper form at co-operative meeting centres or locations of authorized persons or organizations.

A duly registered member of the network will be referred to as Associate Member.


Membership Benefits

  1. Opportunity to be regularly motivated to keep moving towards achieving personal lifetime and entrepreneurial goals.
  1. Opportunity to save for raining day and invest for good returns.
  1. Opportunity to attend synergetic members only meetings or events through the co-operative, training or other events.
  1. Opportunity to constantly learn and acquire entrepreneurial skills from the network platforms and forums.
  1. Opportunity to enjoy good discount on seminars, training, programmes, books and other products that are being promoted by MeritChoice Limited.
  1. Opportunity to enjoy privileges like discounts, connections, free services etc from other associate members of the network.



Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola – President, MENET


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MENET Annual Fee is ₦5,000.00 ($25)

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