Join Us On Friday, 27th November, 2015 for
Ground Breaking Ceremony of
MeritChoice Agric Villa

Also Get A Plot of Land for Just N50,000.00/Plot to Execute Your Agricultural Projects & Build A Residential Farm House for Yourself & Family

Yeah… for sometimes now, we have been saying it, that we are going to get our Farm Estate which would be called, MeritChoice Agric Villa. Today, it is a reality as we shall be having the ground breaking ceremony of the villa of the land on Friday, 27th November, 2015.

It’s really unbelievable how far we have moved within just 5 months to have a farm pilot project of Maize & Cassava sitting on 20 hectares of land, visited Songhai Farm and got inspired to replicate what we saw there while also preparing for our rice farming project.

The Agric Villa idea is the height of our passion and exploit to turn Nigeria around through agricultural initiatives. We are tapping to the abundance of opportunities in agribusiness as we align ourselves to benefit from all the agricultural programme that the present day government is creating.

This is therefore a SPECIAL INVITATION to you to be part of the ground breaking ceremony on the 27th November of this month. We are making provision for anyone that wants to go with us and we shall make buses available for the trip.

Come and be part of history because what we shall be launching on that day will be a notable initiative that will be a reference point years to come.

With just N3,000.00, we will be able to provide you transportation and refreshment on that day. If you are interested in becoming part of this, click here to register on the form below.

Get Your Own Plot of Land for N50,000.00/Plot – Just for November 2015 ONLY

What about getting some plots of land for your agribusiness and even residential house?
You can use it to start your poultry farming (chicken or turkey), fishery, rabbitry, piggery, grasscutter rearing, goat rearing and even food and cash crop production.

And don’t ever think you will work alone doing all those stuff. In fact, you don’t need to have any previous knowledge about farming, you only simply need to join our forum and you can create a livelihood and extra income through that process.

See, the truth is that the land value will increase by next month, December 2015, so you need to act very fast now to be part of this.

Just enter you details in the box below and you will get full details about how to join us, get your own plots of land and join our cooperative society to be able to earn dividend at the end of every business transaction without ever touching cutlass or doing any tedious work.

In fact, it does not disturb you from your current business or job, this is rare opportunity for you. Get in now and be on the side of History TODAY!

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