How to Become An Agroprenuer, Creating Lucrative Business Around Agriculture Without Touching Cutlass or Hoe While Getting All Assistance Needed Both Technically & Financially to Execute All Your Agricultural Projects

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There is one sector that the entire human race cannot do without. No matter how brilliant, powerful, influential, religious or whatever you are, you cannot ignore agriculture except you don’t eat and walk naked round the street like the primitive human race.

Unfortunately, most people in this our modern age distaste agriculture or farming because it is often associated with hard work and low monetary return. Many still associate farming with the experience they have about how it was done when they are in their villages where a farmer would wake up early in the morning to till the soil and return home late in the evening carrying basket and firewood on his head while trekking a very long distance before arriving at his small mud house in the village.

People know that farmers eat good food but they cannot afford luxuries like cars, big houses, electronic gadgets etc to show for there stressful daily work routine. This reality makes farming not to be attractive to many people especially the younger generations.

But what if I tell you that the experience you still have ingrained in your mind is outdated, primitive and old school, using the modern day slang?  Will you believe it if I tell you that you can become a successful farmer in this 21st century without ever touching a cutlass or holding hoe to do any tedious farm work?

What if I tell you that you will not even need to uproot a grass from the ground and you will still be a respectable farmer, producing high quality farm produce and making good return on your investment while smiling to bank?

I just painted what is presently happening in agriculture for you and you can favourably compete with anyone that has white collar job in terms of resources and influence as a farmer this day whether the person is a banker, lawyer or civil servant.

All what I just told you above are now possible and they are not wishful thinking. Let me explain how you can achieve that.

Members of the Agriculture Forum of MENET take group photograph after inspection
of the 40 hectares (600 plots) of lands for maize and cassava pilot project

You must have heard of mechanized farming before, right? Mechanized farming is the process of using machines to do all your farm work. There has also been advancement in agriculture such that some farm products that take 4 to 5 years before bringing out expected result now take just 2 or 3 years to give you better result than the earlier species of the same products. For example, maize normally takes 3 months before it becomes mature for harvest. But we now have the hybrid species that are ready for harvest after 2 months. This specie even gives you better result than the old 3 months specie.

With this advancement and new method of farming, farmers now have better return on investment and also within a good period of time.

You may be thinking that it will be expensive to go into mechanized farming because it won’t be a small investment to buy tractors and other machinery that are needed for farming.  You may also not have the idea of where to get the hybrid farm products for your farm.

Let me tell you that none of these concerns is an issue. Most of the problems have been solved but a lot of people don’t know and still keep pursuing their day job that is not helping them to fulfill their expected goals in life.

How To Become An Agropreneur Without Stress

What you simply  need nowadays to become an Agropreneur, that is, an Agricultural Entreprenuer,  is information and you will be surprised that you can start agricultural business whether on a part-time or full time basis.

Of recent, my team and I just started some agricultural project on maize and cassava on 40 hectares of land. That is about 600 plots of land and none of us ever hold cutlass or hoe to do anything. It will even be a crazy idea for you to think of working on 40 hectares of farmland with cutlasses and hoes. When will you finish the work?

Me and some of the members of Agriculture Forum of MENET on the farmland of o
ur Agric Pilot Project at Oke-Ore, Ogun State

You won’t believe how much it cost us to lease the farmland for a whole year, just a token that may not be enough for you to have lunch with your lover at eatery or to attend a comedy show.

There are lots of agricultural business you can do ranging from animal husbandry to food and cash crop productions. There are crop like cucumber, water melon, tomatoes, pepper, vegetables that are short time money spinner crops that you can plant and get return within 2 to 3 months.

Our Farm Project Coordinator, David Segbenu, harvesting vegetable from
his farm in Oke-Odan, Ogun State

And we have the cash crops like pawpaw, plantain, palm tree, cocoa etc that you can plant once and keep making money from them for years. In fact, you may leave some cash crops for your next generation to enjoy.

I am standing on a plantain plantation in  Ihunbo, Ogun State. This is one
of the projects our Agriculture Forum will be embarking on very soon

Like, I said, what you simply need is information on how to do the farming. You can start with little and get farm manager that can help you oversee the work while he reports to you about the progress of the work.

Another thing you need to know is how and where to get the latest species of the farm products you need. You will need to know the right herbicides and the organic fertilizers to use for your farm. With the appropriate information, you can become an Agroprenuer without leaving your current job or getting distracted from your present business.


Agriculture is Now Lucrative with Support from Government and Several NGO

Another reason you need to go into agriculture is that there is a lot of support coming from government. Grants are also been given by NGOs while banks now have soft loans that could be returned back within some good span of years.

What that means is that you can get money for agricultural project easily these days than in any other business sector in Nigeria. The unfortunate story is that many people don’t know much about this. This is where the statement that says knowledge is power is 100% correct.

Even the present administration has promised to support agriculture as there is a plan to diversify from the regular nation revenue maker, petroleum, which they said is already depleting. Buhari-led government is promising to feed school pupils and these will be a lot of benefits to people within the agricultural value chain.

If there is any business sector to look into now, in our country, Nigeria, it is farming.

Presently, organization like FADAMA are already given money to farmers to plant rice.

Start Your Agricultural Venture With Ease, Join The Agriculture Forum of MeritChoice Entrepreneurs’ Nework (MENET)

If you are really interested in taking advantage of these enormous opportunity in agriculture, then you need to join our Agriculture Forum where you will get all the information and assistance that will help you to become an Agropreneur without stress.

We have a network that is called MeritChoice Entrepreneurs’ Network (MENET).

MENET is a network with a vision to develop the entrepreneurial potential of its members by creating platforms that facilitates business interaction, networking and financial growth among members. This is the only network in Nigeria that helps new entrepreneurs to grow fast and assist existing one to flourish in a harsh business environment like ours.

The entrepreneurs are organized to pool their resources together both intellectually and financially to achieve their business goals both individually and as a group. There are different forums created in MENET to achieve this plan. We have Agriculture, Exportation, Real Estate, Internet Marketing etc.

But when you join MENET via this Agriculture Forum, you will have opportunity to become part of our farm project, meet with other members of the forum, start any type of agricultural project under the network guidance and have opportunity be part of grants and loan that we shall be applying for via MeritChoice Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd (MMCS).

Benefits of Being A Member of MENET Agriculture Forum

  1. You will get regular updates about different agricultural projects and ventures you can do personally or participate with others.
  2. You will get updates about available financial opportunity for farmers via government, banks and NGOs.
  3. You will have opportunity to join the members of the forum to execute joint projects like the maize and cassava farm project we are presently doing and the Agric Villa that we are creating.
  4. You also have opportunity to join MeritChoice Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd (MMCS), the cooperative society which Agriculture Forum members can use to request for loans and grants.
  5. You will have opportunity to be part of the monthly business meeting of MENET
  6. With the help of the network, you will not find it difficult to get market for your agricultural produce.
  7. You will have opportunity to join our team in making agric tours/trips and carrying out research that can enhance our agricultural projects.

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