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Introducing MENET Importation Forum


Last year, we started training people on how to start mini-importation business with just as little as N10,000.00 and turn it into a huge profit generating business, raking in nothing less than half a million naira monthly. It sounds unbelievable uhhhm?!

But then, the result started rolling in. Our students are making amazing results in the business. One of them that is getting outstanding result is Jolayemi Adewale who made about 200% profit from his first order after attending our seminar. Click here to watch his testimony video.

Some of them like Mr. Adebola Medoyinlo, who sent us his testimony also applied one of the ideas we taught them about using Other People’s Money (OPM) and it works for him. Below is what he said about the training:


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Thank you for making it available to your list. The product works. I made an order for a 10″ Samsung Tablet for a friend on Sunday and he paid upfront. I should be receiving it in few days.
…The testimony here is that it works.

- Adebola Medoyinlo August 5, 2015

As we are talking now, there is explosion in the mini-importation market. My fear previously was that dollar will affect the market, but I was wrong. The importation market keeps blossoming. The simple truth is that Nigeria is a consuming nation, we hardly produce anything and that left us to no choice than importing everything we need.

Now, you can decide the side of the divide you belong. First of all, we are all consumers, but we have some among us that sell the products while others buy. The sellers ensure that they make profit from other consumers. It may interest you that profit as much as 200% to 500% is made on the regular product you buy.

It means that some people are becoming stinkingly rich any time you buy those imported product. And tell me, what is not being imported this day? All those China products! You know them. Some Nigerians are the ones bringing them. They get them produced at ridiculously cheap price and make whopping profit on it here in Nigeria. There are even some products that you can make as much as 1000% profit. Yes, you read that correctly, one thousand percent profit!

We want to turn every of our students to multi-millionaires with importation. We are now having a great plan for them. We are taking it beyond classroom or online training. We are about to create synergy that will threaten even the big guys in importation business. This idea is unique and the move we are making is powerful. You don’t want to be left out. So, patiently read through all the details now.

With our experience in this industry, we found out something that can spontaneously turn anybody that is making few hundred of thousands of naira in a month into multi-million naira maker and that is the power of your CAPITAL in the importation business.

Let me explain it like this.

I will take the example of Jolayemi. He ordered for his first set of product which he said he got at about N1,200 per one. He ordered for power bank devices and he was able to sell each one for around N4,000.00. It means he made about N2,800 on each of the product. That is more than 200% profit on each product.

But, you know what? He can even make more if he has enough money to get more of the products per time. That will help his negotiation power with the merchant and he can reduce the cost almost by half. Depending on negotiation power and based on the quality of the product to be purchased per time, he can actually get each power bank for around N600.00. It means, he would have been able to get a profit of more than 500%. That looks good. Isn’t it? You may not believe the possibility of what I just explained here until you learn the secret of this our importation idea.

If he was able to order for 100 pieces of the devices to make a profit of more than 200% and now he wants to make more than 500% on each of the product, the merchant may expect him to order for about 1,000 pieces at once.

To order for 100 pieces will cost N120,000.00 (One hundred and twenty thousand naira) and to order for 1000 pieces will cost N1,200,000 (One million two hundred thousand naira). Everyone knows that investing 1.2 million naira gives us more profit but we also know that it will take more effort to raise about 1.2 million naira for an individual that is just starting small with importation.

That is where joint effort by several individuals that are also interested in the importation business will count.

Since we know that the product that we want to buy is hot and there is high demand for it. We also know that the 1000 pieces will be sold in just one week or thereabout, it is no brainer for anyone to go for the 1.2 million investment because it is clear that we can make about N3,400 from small investment of just N600.00. Even if you order for 10 pieces that will be investment of about N6,000 and you will make a profit of about N34,000 on your investment. Will that not be a good business to do?

What we want to do is to help everyone. Whether you have money for big investment or you have small money, you will be able to make it in the business by becoming part of our importation partners’ network.



Based on this idea, we have created a network to ensure everyone can participate in the importation business whether you have a lot of money or you just have little. The network is MeritChoice Enterepreneurs’ Network (MENET).

This is going to be a closed and result oriented network which will be exclusive for those that we have trained and other people that are into importation business and are willing to be part of MENET in as much they are ready to abide with the terms and conditions of the network.

MENET is a network with a vision to develop the entrepreneurial potential of its members by creating platforms that facilitates business interaction, networking and financial growth among members. This is the only network in Nigeria that helps new entrepreneurs to grow fast and assist existing one to flourish in a harsh business environment like ours.

The entrepreneurs are organized to pool their resources together both intellectually and financially to achieve their business goals both individually and as a group. There are different forums created in MENET to achieve this plan. We have Agriculture, Exportation, Real Estate, Internet Marketing etc.

But when you join MENET via this medium, you will have access to the Importation Forum where you can interact and work with other people that have experience and ready to pool their funds with your in order to maximum product profit.

The following shall be the benefit of being a member of Importation Forum of MENET:


This shall be our number one target, raising huge capital to purchase hot product that we can sell in Nigeria within few weeks and make huge profit return of at least 200% to 1,000%. Does that sound exciting to you?

You don’t need to have the big cash to do this, no matter your amount of investment, you should be able to find your place.

The member will come together on the online platform we have created for this and they will deliberate on product to invest into. The co-ordinator and the administrators will conclude on the product to buy, negotiate with the merchant, take the order and ship it to Nigeria.

Everybody get his or her product and start selling and making the killing profit.


Every day as we get involved in this business, we will keep learning new things, new ideas and new opportunities. Onces you become a member of MENET, you will have opportunity to learn new things. There will be regular and quality information and tips on different aspect of the business that will come freely to you.

For example, there are some hot marketing windows now in Nigeria that several persons don’t know yet. Even if you are lazy or don’t know how to sell at all, with these marketing windows, you can sell all your products fast without actually talking much to people. This may be good for those that don’t like selling but still know they need to sell to make money.

You will be exposed to different type of continuous training like the one mentioned above. It will greatly benefit your business.



Importation forum of MENET will provide you opportunities to meet with experts in the industry, that is, those that are already into the business and making good profit. You will be able to chat with them learn from them and even have joint venture with some of them.

Our platform is the only system providing this and that is another reason you need to be part of our network.


You will also be involved in joint research of finding hot selling product. You will be able to participate and make useful contribution towards the research of the next selling products that the forum will order for. This will help you and enhance your skill in the importation business such that you will still have the capacity to work independently without the network.


With you being a member of Importation forum of MENET, you will get a lot of marketing idea that will help you sell your products fast so that you can quickly invest it for the next order.

We are also going to facilitate a way for other members with good selling skills within the network to help others sell their products. It means, with the help of other members, you can sell your products faster than what you will do as an individual.


We also have great future plans and one of it is to create big marketing platform that should be able to compete with the likes of Jumia, Konga and all the rest. This is the great future of this network.

The platform will be available for us to promote and sell the products of the network members. With all these plans, you should see that with the MENET Importation Forum, your future is bright!



There will be monthly physical meeting which will bring all the member of MENET together. It will be a great time to learn new thing, meet and interact with those you have been chatting with online via MENET website and you will also be able to meet new friends and business partner.

It is a summit that will be business expert to talk to member of MENET and afford them opportunity to  market and promote their products and services.



If you really intend to make it big in this business, then you need to join the network as fast as possible!

We only need those that have serious intention to be part of this business and opportunity. We don’t really need tire kickers.

To ensure we have our exclusivity, there will be a small monthly subscription fee to be paid by every member for the administration of the network. The fee will remain a token and we are also using it to filter people and for us to get real persons that are interested in the network.


Here are the subscription fees:

Monthly Subscription – N3,500.00

3 Months Subscription – N9,000.00 (N3,000 per month)

6 Months Subscription – N15,000.00 (N2,500 per month)

12 months subscription – N24,000.00 (N2,000 per month)

The monthly subscription fee will be N3,500.00. This will be a token for you to pay monthly considering the amount of money you will be making from this great network. If the fee is too big for you, I am sorry to say, you don’t belong to this network.

If you pay for 3 months at a stretch, then, you get a discount of N500 on the subscription and you will be paying N3,000 per month. The same goes for 6 month and 12 months subscription where you will get N1,000 and N1,500 discount respectively on the membership subscription.

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We shall give you more details and information on how the system will work. This promise to be the best network you will ever join. Take action now because I see your potential of becoming a multi-millionaire by the end of this year.

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Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola,
MeritChoice Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society